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Content Creation Reflection

Reflection on how the process went

When i first started the assignment i was very confused because i didn’t exactly know what i wanted to create. During class time we were asked what we may do for the assignment from the given options, and most people were saying content creation. So i followed the flow and choose content creation. Even though i rushed the decision to do build something i feel that i choose the best option for me to show off all the things we learn in our practical sessions.

When i first started making things on OpenSim i made a single room, which i had decided on in my initial plan to make into an entertainment room. But i soon realised it looks weird having a standalone room in middle of nowhere, so i changed from my initial plan and expanded into a whole house.  When creating the rooms for the house i naturally thought of having doors and windows that open and close like expected of them.
But i soon found this was a lot harder to implement into secondlife i found that there was quite a lot of scripting that was need. I had found some tutorials online which tried to explain how to get the door to work but the scripting part of the tutorial was very hard to follow. So into end i decided to not have door or windows at all, but the past week i found some really good tutorial online that finally got my door to work. They still don’t open perfectly but they open once touched.

After i read the requirements for content creation i decided to do the complex interactivity but then i realised it required heavily on scripting. So then i had to reconsider and choose to do the visual interactivity.
After i had created the majority of my by house and added the furniture i started looking into tutorials to get certain requirements covered. First started to do sculpties i wanted to create some very detailed furniture by using third party programs like blender and importing it into OpenSim. But this didn’t go the way planned to i was originally planning to make chairs and tables for the entertainment room.  I had created 2 sets of chairs in blender that i was wanting to import into OpenSim but have compatibility errors this really was annoying after spending a lot of time designing and perfecting the chairs i had no use for them.
I decide to just make the chairs and tables in OpenSim by using the given tools and sculpted prims. They weren’t as attractive as i what i had made in blender but they were alright and i decided to move on to other requirements.
I used transparent textures for many of my objects but once obvious use of it was my sunlight in the entrance on the house. I used a water texture that i made very transparent so it makes it look like see through glass, i though it looks quite good it was a good fit for my build.

Since i build the entertainment system things like TV surround sound etc. I decided to add an animated texture for the TV so it looks like its playing something. The speakers all around the entertainment room are also given scripts to play some type of sound. I found some free sound files that i feel wound complement the whole entertainment setup.

Another area i used scripts was the entrance path way into the house i have floor panels that change colour when touched my avatar. When i thought of doing this i really wanted to make it so that the colour change automatically when the avatars walks over the object but i found it quite difficult to script it. I also have certain objects all around the house which have floating texts that give instructions and interactivity that the avatar can take place in.

As i stated earlier on i wanted my door to open and act like they meant to. For me to even implement this i had to use some of the complex interactivity requirements. For instances i used prim movement through script, where when the user or avatar touches the door, the door moves 2 meters to the side. This was only way i could give door some sort of interactivity, i really wanted the door to open around a pivot but i decided to scrap that idea because it was quite difficult to implement and was time-consuming.

Reflection on the strengths and weaknesses of the final artefact

The main weakness i feel in my artefact is the fact the i don’t have any windows, i really wanted to put in windows where they were scripted to open and close but i had the same problem as with the door they would  function correctly. So i get rid of all windows and cover up the window hole, were i was planning them to go. I feel this kind of makes the house gloomy and dark but i recommend running the environmental setting at midday for the best visibility.
Another major weakness i found is when i upload the oar file on to kitely some of my scripts bug out for instance i have a TV in the bedroom sometimes it just shows a bright white screen. It works perfectly on OpenSim but sometimes doesn’t when viewing it through kitely.  I recommend if a script is bugging up, just reset the script in the contents this usually gets the scripts to works.

The main strength i see in my artefact is the fact that it actually looks like a life size house with all the utilities an average house would have like kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. I wanted to add things like laundry room and even an indoor gym but i was already pushing the limit of prims so i decided to leave it out. Maybe in the future if i decide to build again i might do it then with no constraints.

I was a bit sceptical when i first started my build but in the end i feel that i have created my content to the best of my ability. But overall to summarize i really enjoyed building my house, had lots of fun in being creative as possible for this assignment.  After doing this class i really thing i might get into the whole secondlife scene, after doing all the research and looking into secondlife it looks very interesting and a cool hobby to take part in.


I have been busy trying to get my building the way i wanted it to be for the past week. i have finally made a solid prototype. I have created all rooms and have added furniture where i felt necessary.

In my initial plan i wanted to build a single room like an entertain room, but i have vastly changed my design and decided to fully build a whole house. So currently i have created the majority of my house only thing left i really need to get sorted is the specific requirements for the assignment. I also need to rethink about my colour scheme i have currently used a few colour for my house where i am going to reconsider for my final product.

I really wanted to have doors and windows in my house but i have found it really difficult to get my doors and windows to open, basically do what they are meant to do. So i have fully decided to scrap the idea and just have empty path ways for door. I have also reached my prim limit of 300 so i am trying to get rid of unnecessary prims that i have used on my build. So just need to tweak things but am happy the current progress.

The following screenshots are from my latest prototype:

Update 3

Build Update

When i first wanted to do content creation i wanted to make an entertainment room with all the gadgets and things i would like in my dream room. But i have changed a few things instead of just building a standalone room i decided to go all out and build a average size house which is fully furnished.

I will still include the entertainment room like in my original plan but i won’t have excessive amount of content in it. Currently i have layout my foundations with all the walls and rooms. I still have to add a colour scheme and textures before i build a roof so i am currently trying to get that sorted today.  When designing a house i intended to have door and windows that users will be able to click and interact with to open etc. But i am finding this very hard to trying to get my scripts to work, so i will probably not include any door or windows but if time constraint isn’t a problem i will go back to it and try to get it sorted.

The following screenshot are a draft of my house layout i still haven’t textured any of the objects i have created but it give a basic overview of my build.

Assignment 3 update

I have been busy with assignments for other subjects recently, but i finally got things started. Since i am going to build a house i been researching and looking in to what kind of things i going to include. I also been looking through the inbuilt textures in opensim and i feel most of them aren’t very attractive for wallpaper etc. so i been trying to find textures for the walls and floor roof etc for the house.

I still not sure if i am going to make the house fully furnished but i will try to make the house as much homely as possible.

Only problem that i am currently worried about is sometimes my world Ive kinda designed isn’t opening, it works most of the time but sometimes have random errors when i try to load the saved file. I will try to figure out why i am getting this error but i am going to make a good start on my build within the week.

I have been busy with assignments for other subjects recently, but i finally got things started. Since i am going to build a house i been researching and looking in to what kind of things i going to include. I also been looking through the inbuilt textures in opensim and i feel most of them aren’t very attractive for wallpaper etc. so i been trying to find textures for the walls and floor roof etc for the house.

I still not sure if i am going to make the house fully furnished but i will try to make the house as much homely as possible.

Only problem that i am currently worried about is sometimes my world Ive kinda designed isn’t opening, it works most of the time but sometimes have random errors when i try to load the saved file. I will try to figure out why i am getting this error but i am going to make a good start on my build within the week.

Week 3-4 update

For the last two weeks I have been having a lot of problems with my laptop, i recently found out i got a virus its has been messing with my files and my computer. I finally got it sorted and have started my content creation.

I am building a house which is hopefully going to be fully furnished with all the things a average house will have. i have been also creating this on simonastick ive been having a few issues when the virus was infecting my files on my computer but now i have got things started and will update will screenshots frequently.


In order to complete the assignment part 3 i need to choose ONE of the following.

  • Content Creation
  • Event Creation
  • Community Creation
  • Machinima
  • Infrastructure

When i first saw the assignment requirements i was thinking about making some kind of even creation. But i soon found out this was quite difficult and it’s quite hard to pull of perfectly. So i decided to do content creation.

I am not exactly sure what i is going build but i have a few ideas like some sort of building, maybe replicating my room in real life or my dream crib. I am probably going to build some sort of room with all kinds of gadgets and things that i wish my apartment has in real life. i will try to follow the assignments requirements as much as possible, i will try to make my build as visually complex as i can . Hopefully all will go well and won’t have any problems. I also decided to build in simonastick so i can have more control, i will upload it to kitely after to people can visit and check things out.

Protecting Intellectual property

Intellectual properly is the property which is created or designed by your mind or intellect. Usually IP (intellectual property) are things like inventions, designs, ideas and trademark. This applies for real life and in a virtual world situation with the same types to rights regarding intellectual property.

These apply to creations of any sort in a virtual world for example designing an object or some sort of script in SL which is not already designed and is a new creation. Intellectual Property in secondlife or any virtually world covers custom made builds, objects, scripts and any kind of newly designed variable. Permissions are set to protect any individual’s creations and give them full control over their design of object. This makes it so that other users can’t copy the user and make personal changes and gain profits for someone else’s work. Since objects, and other things like scripts can be sold in secondlife this is very important, people make a living of secondlife by creating and designing in new objects and scripts which they sell on the secondlife market for others to purchase.

The secondlife permission system control the all the attributes covered in the object permission blog post here. This shows the permissions the owner of an object is able to set on their creations, things like modify by having this disabled it stop people for manipulating the original creation, so that they could make it look like a new creation. To understand more about these permissions check out this page.


CopyBot is a debugging tool that is used to import and export objects to and from secondlife. It was originally created by linden labs as a backup tool, since secondlife didn’t have an inbuilt backup for user’s content. But letting users have access to CopyBot some advance users where able to find way to uses this tool for malicious purposes like taking other users content.

Advanced users found way to copy or steal objects/texture etc with no regards to the object’s permissions. For example users are able to take a copy of any object without the user’s permission. So even an object with all the permissions setting set on to an object the user’s still experience loss of their intellectual property. But CopyBot can’t copy all content that a user may have created, for example it cannot copy scripts, contents of a prim. So at least the user’s scripts can’t be stolen and reused or even sold.

To counter the misuse of CopyBot Linden labs uses the Third Party Viewer Policy to try to stop users using CopyBot on third party viewers like imprudence. By limiting the third party viewers from using CopyBot they decreased the amount of Ip theft that was occurring in secondlife.

How users can protect their content from being stolen?

In secondlife there are a few way to protecting users content, but this doesn’t give them full protections since people always find way around safety measures. A popular type of protection that users can use is GNU general public licence. GNU licence is a copy left license that is created to enable users of any intellectual property, to assure copyright and distribution rights.

Another method for protecting IP in secondlife is by subscribing to the Creative Commons License, which allows people to copy and distribute your creations as long as they give you credit to the creator. But this license is more for heavily creative users who design a lot of things and are looking for more protection, but i wouldn’t recommend this to an average user who don’t really build and create. IF you want to read up the IP protections and all the kinds of methods that are available to the secondlife public check out this link it is full of in depth information.

PlayStation Home

Play Station Home is one of the first console based virtual worlds designing by Sony computer entertainment, exclusively designed for the PlayStation 3. This virtual world is free to access for any PlayStation network user. The feature is located in the xmb (Xcross Media Bar) so it is very easily accessible.

The feature was added in a compulsory system update in December 2008 for the ps3, when the home feature was added a lot of users found it a very unique experience. Since this was the first experience that the majority of playstation users had with a virtual world. Players were able to create their very own custom avatar much like how you can in sl. Once the avatar is created, you’re dropped into your very own pre build apartment which is fully furnished. I personally thought this was awesome the apartment acts like a tools/home locations, where your able to sleep, watch TV change clothes by using the wardrobe etc. The apartment can also be customised where users can add more furnisher, change wallpapers, increase the TV size or even add multiple TVs and much more.

Once you’re ready to explore the PlayStation world you’re able to enter a “Home World” this is the first area that you’re given access to, where hundreds of players can interact with each other. This acts like a starting area which give tutorials about all the things that a new users need to know. The home area has no specific owner it’s got mixture of hundreds of buildings, movie theaters, and hundreds of other fun things users are able to enjoy. Bowling is another fun activity or knows as mini game, there are hundreds of these kinds of games around. The only problem i found was how bandwidth hungry the virtual world was, since the graphics of the ps3 is quite high it had very high textures and the world was full of fluid videos all over the place. So to load up lots of areas the users need to give it time and not worry about chewing through their monthly broadband allowance.

The home world has some very cool features that i use a lot while i play on the ps3 with friends.  One feature that i take advantage of is the partying of grouping together, this allows friend or users to meet in playstation home and acts like an individual group. Where they can play mini games go to a movie theatre or play video games as a team. This feature is what i use the most i like to get a group of friends together and jump on to a video game we all have so we can play as a team. For example i love to play call of duty so i usually get a few mates to hop on the same game and team up or party up. This lets us play the game as a team where we are able to voice chat and text chat during a match online. This lets us play more like a team by having each other to do “call out”, which is basically letting teammates know what’s going on like if some player is flanking our location.

Another cool feature playstation home offer is the theatre mode option, to get this theatre the users need to download a small add-on which allows them to interact with the playstation store. This add-on is really cool when a group of friends enter a theatre it enables the users to access the PlayStation store where they can choose to buy or temporally rent Full HD movies and are able to watch them together as if they actually in the cinemas sitting next to each other.

I’ve only ever rented one move which was Transformers which i watched with another friend simultaneously. So this gives a realistic feel when watching the movie as if I’m going to movies with friends. Only real problem i found was that since the movies come in HD formats its very hard to stream the video and watch it without lag. So like the only way i can watch a full HD movie with friends in a party /group is but letting everyone download the movie then watching it. I think this problem is occurring only because of our slow broadband plans and would be fixed if we had American broadband speeds.

Secondlife has 6 community standards which are also better known in the secondlife community as the “Big Six”. These standards are guidelines of all the users of secondlife to follow, if not followed will result in temporary suspension and in worst case expulsion from the secondlife community. The users can only be kicked out if they really abuse the “Big Six”.

Linden lab created the “Big Six” to keep some boundaries that would overall improve the experience for users in secondlife. The rules make a lot of sense to be implemented into a virtual world, where millions of people explore and socialise online where users would like peace so they can do their own thing without getting disturbed.



Intolerance towards another user by performing actions those are demeaning and hurtful. Actions like insulting or using demeaning language or images in reference to another user’s “race, ethnicity, gender, religion, or sexual orientation” is never allowed in SL. Just because there is freedom to perform and say anything they want in secondlife, doesn’t mean they should abuse that freedom. By doing so causes the receiving user to have a bad experience and would put them off because of the hurtful experience they had in the virtual world.


Harassment in secondlife can take place in many ways because there is a immense amount off options/actions users can perform. The most common type of harassment is when a users is being offensive either by sending coarse messages or by performing inappropriate actions. Things like intimidation, threating or performing sexual advances are classified as harassment.


This is when users are literally assault another user’s avatar by using physical attacks, these kinds of attacks are usually done by using objects like guns/projectiles, avatar animations like kicking boxing etc. Scripts are also used to perform assaults that target another avatar, which makes the assaulted user to not have a very enjoyable experience in secondlife. These kinds of attacks usually take place in “Safe Areas” which is the majority of secondlife so it’s a very common offense.


This is when private information is exposed to the general public. Information like email address, age, gender, religion or even real life location. This information should never be exposed to anyone, everyone signed up to secondlife have privacy rights and they should not be breached.

Adult Regions, Groups, and Listings

This standard refers to the exposure of adult content on the Secondlife Mainland, this is strictly not permitted.  Adult material are only permitted on private regions and only for specific groups who have verified accounts (to make sure there are adults) and should never used in the main land which is the majority of the secondlife community.


Disturbing the Peace

All users registered to secondlife are entitled to do their own thing without any disturbance. Disturbing the peace refers too disruption to other users. Doing things that affect the experience of many users at the same time not specific aimed at a single user. For instance users do annoying things to try to make other people’s secondlife very uncomfortable. Things like interrupting scheduled events, by building too many objects that overall cause the server to lag and ruin other people’s enjoyment.

To get a more in-depth explanation regarding the “Big Six” Visit the secondlife community standards website.

How you would make sure you do not violate the standards?

Well the standards covered above are quite hard for normal users to violate, the main kind of people who disregard the rules are usually disruptive and insensitive. The standards linden labs created are great guild lines that give boundaries that all users must respect. I personally am not really a disruptive person and i usually don’t annoy people in secondlife just because it’s not reality. Secondlife contains millions of people who are looking for an immersive experience, when immature users do stupid things causes them to have negative options about secondlife. So i try to behave as much as i can during my time in secondlife, but when i first start playing around in second life i was a bit immature like trying to mess around with friends when they are building things, for example i used to like try to sit on the objects that my friend was designing but realised it ruins his experience thus i stopped and try to be thoughtful and behave.

Some aspects of the Big Six don’t really bother me like the assault and the adult regions. I didn’t even know there were adult areas in secondlife, till started researching into the 6 standards. I personally have no interest in participating or be involved with the adult community. So i can be confident that i won’t violate any of the adult rules. Most of the rules are common sense to obey like intolerance, harassment and disturbing the peace.

 Whati would do if someone is abusing the standards?

If a random user is abusing any of the standards i would try to move my avatar away from the area the user is located. This would be the simplest way to avoid harassment, and any verbal abuse, but this sometime cannot be an option. For example if i was building something on koru and some user was disturbing me i couldn’t just move away to another location. So if i felt i was really being disturbed and the users is repeatedly continues to disregard the guidelines, i would use the secondlife “Report Abuse”. This function is a serious tool that linden lab designed to sort out misbehaving users who like to break the guidelines that are set. Once the report is submitted the users who you have complained about will receive an warning message, and if he ignores the warning and still continues his account can be suspended or even get banned.

The following link explains about abuse in more detail so go check it out. The link also has a video showing a step by step tutorial of how to file a Abuse report so if anyone dosnt know how to report this will help u guys out.